When deciding between self publishing and working with a publisher, there are a few things you must consider. While both are great options with their own distinct advantages and disadvantages, knowing the right choice for your particular book or life situation can be a crucial first step to getting your book published.

Self publishing has been simplified by the tools and advances of technology. With a simple program, a writer has complete control over the book. Each page can be unique. Whole chapters can be dedicated to photo essays. Large text can be combined with small text and symbols. Any color may be used. Different fonts may be used. There is a degree of freedom to make the book look however you want it to look with self publishing.

There are also a number of wonderful self publishing sites that will print a copy of your book and mail it out every time an order is placed. These sites keep the file of your book and simply print as needed. Another option with self publishing is to pay to get a few hundred books printed, and to take them to local bookstores and see if they will stock or buy your book. With self-publishing, the author is basically in charge of marketing the book. However if you feel that your book is groundbreaking or simply entertaining enough for word to spread about it, then you don’t need a marketing staff.

Working with a publisher can really maximize the advertising and sales of your book. You should not go to a publisher unless every aspect of your book is perfect, simple, and well designed. Simplicity is appealing in a more widespread way than artsy visually complex books, although artsy books do have a niche. Publishers are aware of the fact that normal themes like love, drama, suspense, horror, and etc. are more appealing to the masses. Hence, your book may need to be more ordinary, perhaps with a fun, interesting, or intriguing twist, maybe with a little jargon thrown in, to appeal to the masses.

Basically if you want the freedom to control every aspect of the book, and make it different than the rest, it may be good to consider self publishing. If your book is well received, it may gain attention on it’s own, and with a little push, it may do really well. Consider working with a publisher if you write things that would appeal to a mass audience. The publisher may want to work with you on various elements of the book. Then again the publisher might absolutely love your book and went it exactly as it was made. This all depends on the individual publisher. As with any publisher, there will be a marketing campaign, and they already have deals with bookstores to get your book on store shelves.

Consider these suggestions when deciding on whether to self publish or work with a publisher. Writing can be a successful adventure using either option. Use the one that works best for you.