Five Things to Consider Before Writing a Book

Everyone has a story to tell, but few consider putting their personal or business experiences down on paper for others to read. What if you feel you have a great idea and want to share it? Writing a book is not as easy as it looks. Remember, not all books are top sellers for even the experienced writer. To decide if you should become an author review our list of five things to consider before writing a book.

1. Is the topic you are writing about marketable? In other words will someone want to read about the topic you have chosen to write about. Do the research to find what niche your writing is associated with so you can target that particular market.

2. Choose your subject carefully. If you are writing an autobiography, outline the interesting things about your life you choose to write about. Objectively read the outline and ask yourself if you would be interested in reading about the topics you listed. This will help you eliminate excess writing on topics that can lead to a tangent sending your writing off course.

3. Self-Help books rule! Self-help and DIY (Do It Yourself) books are always in demand. If you have a talent or hobby you are particularly good at why not share the knowledge of your skills by writing a book.

4. Editing is important. If you really desire to write a book and language wasn’t your strongest course in school then take advantage of the various grammar applications available on the internet to help final edit the rough draft of your book for little cost. Also, consider looking the use of an editor in your niche to add polish to your book.

5. Dedicate time to write. Most people think a novel can be created in a week or so. You may find weeks running into a month and even years are possible to complete a book. Dedicate specific time throughout the day or week just to focus on your writing. To write a book takes thought and effort, it is not simple as putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboards. You want to be proud of the work you have accomplished and are sharing with your readers. To write a good book dedication is needed.

When writing a book you should consider how much time you are willing to dedicate to writing and if you have a niche market to write for, as well as getting help to edit your work. Once your research is completed ask yourself “Should I write a book?”.